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Attention All U.S. Citizens 


Virginia Concealed Carry Permit

The Virginia concealed carry permit is a multi State permit. The Virginia non resident concealed carry permit will allow you to carry in 29 States. Virginia will issue a Virginia concealed carry permit to residents of all 50 States. It is the most sought after and popular carry permit in the United States.

Virginia allows online training to qualify for the Virginia caoncealed carry permit without a shooting requirement. That makes the non resident Virginia concealed carry permit the easiest permit to get in the United States. No shooting required. 

Our online class is EASY and you don’t pay until you pass! You can also take the test as many times as you need. The best part is that our online certification class is only $39 and you can take it from the comfort of your own home. Our online class is only 30 min long and no shooting required to qualify for the carry license. Yes, it’s that easy!

Who Can Get The Virginia Permit

Residents of all 50 States. Virginia will issue a non resident carry permit to any legal resident of all 50 States. That’s why it’s the most sought after license in the United States. Regardless of what State you live in, you can get a Virginia concealed carry permit that allows you to carry in 29 States.

State Requirments

Visit our “State requirements” page to see what States it will allow you to carry in. If the Virginia license is recognized in your State, it will give you all the same rights to carry as your States license.

The process to obtain your Virginia carry permit is easy. Watch our training video. Take our online test. Pay your $39 certificate fee. Within minutes you will receive your certificate of training via email. Next, submit your application to Virginia by following the instructions on our “how it works” page. After you submit your application, you just wait to receive your carry permit in the mail.

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